Winning a few local competitions in Jamshedpur, his birth town, prompted Ronny to look at photography a bit more seriously than a hobby. Graduation in Pune where he did a basic photography course in Fergusson College while doing his B.Sc, further reiterated his desire to follow photography as a profession. Post graduation was a diploma in Film & Video from XIC Mumbai where he did a stint assisting one of India’s most well known photographers– Atul Kasbekar. Ten years hence with loads of editorial & advertising work and a studio in Lower Parel, Ronny still has a same desire for photography as when he was a ten year old using his dad's reflex camera to shoot his pet Alsatian. “The desire will always be there because when your profession is one of your favorite hobbies there can never be a dull day” quotes Ronny.


Pepsi, Airtel, LG, Mountain Dew, Samsung, ESPN, Gatorade, Kitkat, Bacardi, Nokia, Kingfisher, HP, Pizza Hut, ICICI, Sahara, 7up, Adidas, Mirinda, Aviva, Boost, Fanta, Gold Gym, Suzuki, Philips, HDFC,Cheq, Lay’s, Kurkure, GIVO, Britannia, BSNL, Dabur, Complan, Maggie, Reynolds, Sonata, Peter England, Amarsons, Inc.5, Tuscan verve, Oral –B, Crocin, etc.
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